Photo by Krista DiLorenzo. Acres of Terror in Leonard, N.D., is one of many attractions near the Fargo-Moorhead area where many students go for spooks and thrills.

Need a Thrill? FM Area Offers Spooky Entertainment

Even if it is a crisp, cool night, being chased by a limping man with a chainsaw can still be an exhausting occurrence. Survivors of last year’s Acres of Terror, […]


More in Fargo

  • Photo by Brandon King. Art lovers of all ages wearing all different clothing and costumes flocked to the DK Custom Gallery and Framing at Gallery 14 for the "Crux of the Hollow" Art Show Oct. 14 from 8 p.m. to midnight. This exhibit will be showing in the gallery until Oct. 31.

    ‘Crux of the Hollow’ Art Show: Spooktacular

    DK Custom Gallery and Framing at Gallery 14 held their first “Crux of the Hollow” art show, which featured many renowned and upcoming Fargo-Moorhead artists and even Athena Funk from […]

  • Why Occupy Fargo Matters

    You’ve seen them on the news: thousands of fed-up Americans gathering, first at Wall Street, and now all across the nation, united against corporate greed and corruption. A few weeks […]

  • Photo by Zach Forstrom. The old blue Doyle's sticker, which offered students the $4 flat rate for taxies, is being phased out for the new goldenrod sticker, which reflects the new half-off fare special.

    Doyle Cab Changes College Student Discount

    Doyle Cab, the company known for providing flat fare rides for area college students, has changed its policy. If a student wants to ride with Doyle Cab, she or he […]

  • Photo by Kyle Thiele. Artist and NDSU painting professor Kimble A. Bromley stands in front of his 72" by 144" oil painting on canvas, entitled "In the Beginning." This work is part of Bromley's series based on his favorite book "Moby Dick."

    F-M 2011 Studio Crawl Worth The Trek

    Even if art isn’t your favorite thing, there still would have been something for you to love about the 8th annual FM Studio Crawl that was held Oct. 1 and […]

  • Theatre B, SAGA Events Planned for Coming Out Week

    Nestled in the heart of Downtown Fargo is Theatre B, a cozy space dedicated to producing plays that are fresh, new and thought-provoking. In conjunction with National Coming Out Week […]

  • Photo by Matt Hansen. T-Rex Pizza, the best-selling pizza, takes the meaning of "Meat Lover's Pizza" to a whole new level.

    Rhombus Guys Has It All

    Rhombus Guys, the popular Grand Forks pizzeria, has opened a new location in Downtown Fargo, offering one-of-a-kind pizzas and an excellent dining atmosphere. It all started in 2000 when two […]

  • Photo by Zach Forstrom. There are many different activities that are both fun to do and easy to fit into the busy, frugal lifestyle for college students in the F-M area.

    Money Saving Tips for College Students

    Right about now, students are itching to get off campus and discover the outside world of Fargo-Moorhead. From movies to art to disc golf, the F-M area has activities that […]

  • Target Party

    This past weekend, I decided to run some errands. I needed really exciting things, like laundry detergent and deodorant. A simple task within itself, just life or death essentials. I […]