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My name is Nikolaj Hagen, I am a senior from Osakis, Minnesota and I am majoring in Political Science and Scandinavian Studies.  My political beliefs are drawn from my background as a dual citizen of the U.S. and Denmark and heavily influenced by my parents.  Growing up, my parents espousedContinue Reading

Terrifying numbers of shootings in recent months have spurred talks about gun control in relation to mental illness. Many politicians are pointing to mental illness as a leading cause of gun violence. While it’s true that more energy and resources need to be put into our broken mental health system,Continue Reading

Gun control issues have had people buzzing since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Some college presidents, including Concordia’s, have signed an open letter addressing gun safety. President Craft found out about the letter through an email and now more than 300 college presidents have signed. He says heContinue Reading

Wednesday night was the first of three Presidential debates. I was intending for this installment to focus on the performances of each of the candidates, their relative strengths and weaknesses, and so on. In watching last nights proceedings, however, I couldn’t help but notice with not a small measure ofContinue Reading