About fifty homecoming committee members gathered Wednesday night to receive their assignments. They armed themselves with maroon and gold streamers, fondly referred to as “gleam and stream”, rolls of packing tape and a driving enthusiasm. Dressed in black polos with the Cobber ‘C’ proudly displayed, they were ready to spreadContinue Reading

A different message on how to approach homecoming week Year One: Scarf Boy was, no surprise, absolutely jazzed about everything related to homecoming. He cheered for Erik George to win Homecoming King because he thought Erik was the president of the Straight Gay Alliance. Oops. He cheered super loud forContinue Reading

Why homecoming is more than a fun week at school I love homecoming. I have obvious reasons, but seriously, I love it. Everything about it. The preceding week when everyone rushes through everything to have fun and make their plans; the week you pretty much die because you are soContinue Reading