Junior Eric Wicklund led Concordia at the MSU Moorhead Twilight Meet for the second straight year. COBBERSID.

New athletic leadership encourage different thinking

By: Tate Hovland   As the sun crawled down the sky, the conversation around the crackling fire intensified. It had been a long day of running, a mile swim in […]


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  • What kind of leader are you?

    What kind of leader are you?

    How it takes different perspectives and methods to lead others For some, taking charge is never easy while for others it occurs naturally. Making decisions, delegating tasks and organizing meetings […]

  • Photo by Paul Flessland. Becca Asheim writes her thoughts on the white board during a LeadNow session.

    IBM executive speaks at Fuel the Fire conference

    Nearly 300 Concordia students attended last Saturday’s Fuel the Fire conference, an annual event that allows students to participate in multiple LeadNow® sessions in one day. “I think leadership, for […]

  • Graphic by Emilie Bowman.

    Sustainability leadership trip announced

    Concordia students are gearing up to go green in Portland, Ore., over spring break on a student-designed sustainability trip. “It will be one way to learn about changes to make […]