In Steubenville, Ohio, a verdict has been handed to two high school football players finding them guilty of raping a 16-year-old girl. The case has been racking up mentions online as of late, and a lot of what is out there is absolutely, chillingly horrifying. I mean it. I amContinue Reading

I spend a lot of time in this space talking about the perils of social media. There’s a lot of research that backs up some of the claims I and thinkers everywhere have made, but in this week’s edition, I’d like to talk about how I think social media doesn’tContinue Reading

“When your heart stops beating, you’ll keep Tweeting.” That’s the slogan of a new startup company that is slated to launch in March. LivesOn is being advertised as “your social afterlife” and will analyze your tweets and continue posting similar content for you once you have died. When I originallyContinue Reading