Well here it is, my last column of the year. Crazy, isn’t it? How fast time has come and gone. I still remember sitting down to draft my first column, staring at the blank screen and flashing cursor. Typical me, I immediately became really stressed out and worried about whatContinue Reading

Earlier this week, the United States woke up to news that three Jewish schoolchildren and one adult had been gunned down in France. At the time this editorial was written, the shooter had not yet been caught, but it was suspected that it was the same man who shot twoContinue Reading

During one of our long bus rides on choir tour we watched the movie “The Help.” I hadn’t seen it before, and unfortunately halfway through the movie I fell asleep. It was not because the movie was boring, but because the bus ride was about 7 hours long. Needless toContinue Reading

In case you were curious, choir tour was pretty great. Although at times it seemed daunting, when things seemed too intense I just asked myself “When else during my life will I be able to drop everything and travel across the country for two weeks, singing in a different placeContinue Reading

We let certain people get away with a lot in the name of entertainment, so when radio host Rush Limbaugh went into theatrics during his argument against Sandra Fluke’s advocacy of health-insurance coverage of contraceptives, no one should have been surprised. However, the heedless way he launched into an all-outContinue Reading

It’s not an altogether uncommon occurance, but something about it stopped me in a new way the other day: I saw somebody throw a plastic bottle in the trash because the recycling bin was all the way across the Maize. And it wasn’t the moral outrage that stopped me (beingContinue Reading

When I make my weekly grocery list, I generally do a good job of noting specific items, how many to buy and typically what my spending limit should be for each. As a poor college student, I should win an award for my thriftiness. While others can come easy, oneContinue Reading