The overseas process takes a minimum of two years, but can be decades long. Chart courtesy of LSSND.

Refugees face long, grueling process

In February 2014, Faris Alghanimi left his job in Bagdad, escaping the danger of the Taliban to face a new challenge: The U.S. immigration system. Alghanimi was born in Iraq […]


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    A not-so-natural process: becoming a U.S. citizen

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    Opponents petition against refugee resettlement

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  • Women helping each other to study for the citizenship tests at the WE center. Photo by Paige Olson.

    Community partnerships help refugees adjust and succeed

    Every refugee who resettles in Fargo-Moorhead makes the same first stop on their journey to become a part of the community:  Lutheran Social Services. But that’s not where it ends. […]

  • Inspecting the vegetables. Photo by Paige Olsen.

    Community Gardens

    Growing more than veggies It’s early February, the ground is covered in sticky-wet snow and the streets are sloppy from a week of 40-degree temperatures. This weather is unseasonably warm […]