This is the first in a two part series on drugs and behavior by Sammy Trick, Andrea Rognlien, Karina Johnson, Karlee McCoy, students at Concordia College for Psychology 324. The following are snippets of information pertaining to the risk factors for potential alcoholism, information about alcohol consumption, and the categoriesContinue Reading

This Letter to the Editors was submitted by Grant Strom, a freshman at Concordia College I have not been at Concordia for very long; I am only an itty-bitty freshman. The reason I came to Concordia, however, is because of the outstanding faculty that teach here. This has certainly heldContinue Reading

“SOPA…the Spanish word for soup” read sophomore Paula Haeder’s Facebook status Jan. 18. Before this date, this is all the word “SOPA” meant to most Americans. However, two pieces of legislation became a national hot topic as thousands of websites like Wikipedia, Tumblr and Pinterest protested the Stop Online PiracyContinue Reading

Nine hundred ninety-eight… nine hundred ninety-nine… one thousand! One thousand sit-ups! That’s the sound of a healthy Cobber, a ripped Cobber. Hey, no need to be jealous. Now that Old Man Winter has settled in, and activity is at an all-year low, everyone is feeling a little pudgy ‘round theContinue Reading

This Letter to the Editors was submitted by Mark Besonen, a sophomore at Concordia College. Seventy-four years ago, a deal was struck between the leader of Great Britain and the leader of Germany that became one of the most famous examples of cowardice. In that deal, western Europe exchanged landContinue Reading

The math and computer science department honored its 100th anniversary Jan. 20 by inviting a group of guest speakers to share their work experiences with mathematics. Speakers presented information about a variety of math-related topics including new features of graphing calculators, Feynman integrals and the responsibilities of an actuary. InContinue Reading