Graphic by Ryan Bloom.

Rep. Keith Ellingson (D-Minn) holds higher ed. conference call

“So from now on, I’m telling Congress we should steer federal campus-based aid to those colleges that keep tuition affordable, provide good value, serve their students well. We are putting […]


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  • Alcohol facts

    This is the first in a two part series on drugs and behavior by Sammy Trick, Andrea Rognlien, Karina Johnson, Karlee McCoy, students at Concordia College for Psychology 324. The […]

  • For Dr. Hellner

    This Letter to the Editors was submitted by Grant Strom, a freshman at Concordia College I have not been at Concordia for very long; I am only an itty-bitty freshman. […]

  • Photo by Rich Glas, head men's basketball coach, will take over for Larry Papenfuss as Director of Athletics.

    Concordia athletics moves up Glas

    Beginning on March 15, 2012, head men’s basketball coach Rich Glas will become the new director of athletics. Glas takes over for Larry Papenfuss, who came to Concordia athletics in […]

  • Source: Wikipedia. This screenshot of Wikipedia from Jan. 18 shows a message to users to contact their congressional leaders during the Stop Online Privacy Act protests. Wikipedia and other sites blacked out their content for one full day to raise awareness about and protest the bill.

    Cobbers react to SOPA

    “SOPA…the Spanish word for soup” read sophomore Paula Haeder’s Facebook status Jan. 18. Before this date, this is all the word “SOPA” meant to most Americans. However, two pieces of […]

  • Bobby’s sports banter

    Bobby’s sports banter

    Nine hundred ninety-eight… nine hundred ninety-nine… one thousand! One thousand sit-ups! That’s the sound of a healthy Cobber, a ripped Cobber. Hey, no need to be jealous. Now that Old […]

  • Does Iran have a weapon?

    This Letter to the Editors was submitted by Mark Besonen, a sophomore at Concordia College. Seventy-four years ago, a deal was struck between the leader of Great Britain and the […]

  • National New Year’s resolution

    After a hectic semester, winter break was truly glorious. It was nice to catch up with family and friends from back home and, most importantly, catch up on sleep. Compared […]

  • Photo by Brandon King. Paul Brambilla '02 participates in aMicrosoft panel on Jan. 20. The event was part of a 100th Anniversary celebration for Concordia's Math and Computer Science department.

    Math and computer science department celebrates 100 years

    The math and computer science department honored its 100th anniversary Jan. 20 by inviting a group of guest speakers to share their work experiences with mathematics. Speakers presented information about […]

  • Photo by Zachary Forstrom. Messages of "Happy New Year" are plentiful this time of year, as the Chinese New Year occurred ion Jan. 23. The Chinese Club on campus will celebrate this New Years Feb. 4 from 12:30 to 4:40 p.m. in the Centrum.

    Chinese New Year celebrations come to Concordia

    Jan. 23 marked the beginning of a New Year in China: the year of the dragon. Chinese New Year is a time of family gatherings, community and closeness, as well […]