Yes. I have talked about working my desk, and I always refer to it as “my” desk. Know why? I am the 3:00 a.m. – 6:00 a.m. desk creature. I work four “breaking dawn” shifts a week between Park Region and Livedalen hall. Oh, calm down, I can practically hearContinue Reading

The weekend before finals, a murder/suicide occurred on the campus of Virginia Tech that left a campus police officer dead. Campus officials hunted for the killer while the school remained in lock-down for nearly four hours before determining the second body was that of the shooter, a student at aContinue Reading

A weathered key protecting a lost secret, the pronged-ends of a fork, a worn pencil that has seen many pages and the hinges of doors no longer swinging—a rather uncommon grouping of objects—looked at home with one another in the works of art instructor, Mike Marth. Faculty members of theContinue Reading

When students bite into the Maize French fries or line up for Thanksgiving dinner, they’re probably not thinking of the quality, the sustainability or about the reputation of the provider. But these are just a few of the details that the Concordia College dining services see to when choosing aContinue Reading

People often say the United States is a melting pot, a place where immigrants arrive and accept a new, “exceptional” identity, that of an American.  In this melting pot, people are proclaimed to be equal and their different previous national identities become one.  More recently, however, individuals are questioning thisContinue Reading

This Letter to the Editors was submitted by Jamie Levine, the Dining Services Nutrition Assistant at Concordia College. For years, vitamin D’s claim to fame has been its role in bone health. But researchers have found even more health benefits. The Institute of Medicine just recently increased the recommended vitaminContinue Reading

Tales as old as time never get old. And that’s exactly the case with Beauty and the Beast, which many of us grew up with. Disney recently re-released this 1991 movie to theaters in both remastered form and 3D. Although almost everyone knows the plot of this charming French story,Continue Reading