Photo by Olivia Gear. These are some of the hats on display in the Hjemkomst Center for an exhibit entitled the "sheARTS Project: Art Hats for Breast CAncer Awareness" done by local artist and Stage IV cancer survivor Claudia Pratt. Photos accompany the exhibit to show the hats being worn.

Local artist promotes cancer talk through hats

In rare times, out of pain and adversity, beauty is created.  Local artist and Stage IV cancer survivor Claudia Pratt is currently in the process of showing off the artwork […]


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    Trip explores mountaintop removal issues

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  • Photo by Zach Forstrom. Both men and women filed into the Centrum Monday night for a viewing of a documentary entitled "MissRepresentation," which explains how the media hyper-sexualizes women.

    MissRepresentation aims to stop distortion of women in media

    Women of Concordia, and even a few men, gathered to watch MissRepresentation, a documentary that illustrates the distortion of women in the media, March 5 with Campus Entertainment Commission. Written […]

  • Photo by Marisa Jackels. Students crowded into the Centrum on Feb. 17 for "The Drop," an electronic dance party that played house, electronica and dubstep. Dubstep has become more prominent recently due to the success of artists like Skrillex and Deadmau5 (pronounced Deadmouse).

    Not so underground anymore

    Crowds pulse, hands in the air, a giant mass of sweat and glowsticks. This is the rave, a familiar dance scene that began in Europe. What is not as familiar […]

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  • Photo from Fargo Film Festival Facebook page. The 12th annual Fargo Film Festival kicked off Tuesday and runs through Saturday evening. This year is the most star-studded festival yet, and there will be something for everybody to enjoy.

    Festival features celebrities galore

    The Fargo Film Festival is celebrating its twelve anniversary this week, and it is shaping up to be the most star-studded year yet. The festival, which runs Tuesday through Saturday, […]

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