Keystone politics

Whenever gas prices skyrocket, Americans suddenly become interested in our country’s dependence on foreign fossil fuels. A dramatic price jump is enough to force families to reconsider their taking separate […]


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  • Photo by Peter Stanton. Concordia nursing student Kristina Fabry is making and selling scarves at Moxie Java's Fargo and Moorhead locations. 100 percent of the profits from Fabry's scarves are given to the Carson Glore School in Kenya, which works with Build Africa.

    Student creates a close-knit bond with Moxie Java

    Concordia nursing student Kristina Fabry, ‘13, not only has a heart for helping others but also for the craft of knitting. She has creatively combined her two passions into a […]

  • New location, new customers

    This article was written by Kaitlyn Gantz, a contributing author at The Concordian. I wanted to eat off campus, to wander around for a while, but I didn’t want to […]

  • Photo submitted by Bekah Marcis. This is the poster for the upcoming concert that will benefit the fight to end sex trafficking, sponsored by a campus group called Hope is Possible.

    Hope is Possible concert to benefit the fight to end sex trafficking

    A benefit concert to raise money toward ending sex trafficking will be held at Monday at 7 p.m. in the Centrum. The concert, organized by the campus club Hope is […]

  • Counseling Center experiences busier school year than ever

    Sitting in front her computer, Concordia counselor Juihsien Kao pulled up her electronic calendar. Like a completed puzzle, countless colored blocks covered the screen, each showing an appointment with a […]

  • The wheel of history

    In case you were curious, choir tour was pretty great. Although at times it seemed daunting, when things seemed too intense I just asked myself “When else during my life […]

  • Let the madness begin

    Finally! The snow is receding, the ice is melting, the birds are chirping… Typically, this means that baseball is just around the corner. But there is one event that commands […]

  • Chapel Choir tours with Mr. Smith for last time

    The Concordia Chapel choir, composed of over 80 men and women, began its annual tour on Wednesday. This tour marks the final trip with the choir for director Michael Smith, […]

  • March Madness

    The sun is out, the sky is blue, it is beautiful and so are you. To be honest, you probably are beautifully rocking a sweatshirt and shorts. That could be […]