Believe it or not, people are still buzzing about KONY 2012. The video, which has reached nearly 100 million views on YouTube, continues to ignite conversations about 1) its creator, Jason Russell, who was recently detained for a very public meltdown, 2) non-profits, like Invisible Children, and their money-raising tacticsContinue Reading

Business students Christoffer Birch-Jensen and Matt Gantz have been selected as recipients of the first Barry Scholars Endowment. The scholarships, totaling $20,000 each, are a gift from The Barry Foundation. John Barry, the foundation’s chair, is a member of the Offutt School of Business Global Leadership Council. Each year, twoContinue Reading

One of the wonderful things about Concordia is the spirit of the liberal education that thrives here: the fostering of critical thinking, the value of broadening the mind, the entertaining of many different ideas and viewpoints. But sometimes it is easy for people who value all of these things toContinue Reading

This time of year, I focus a lot more on baseball and tend to ignore everything relating to football. But there is one story line that I found interesting. Over the past month, the story regarding the New Orleans Saints and their “bounty hunting” has been unfolding. In case youContinue Reading

With deadline approaching and writer’s block and just a few hours of sleep clouding my mind, I was trying to find my way back to that golden road of righteousness: productivity. I was doing what anyone would do when facing impending due dates: I was reading the webcomic XKCD (Fine,Continue Reading

This article was written by Sean Plemmons, a Contributing Author for The Concordian. The trees pass by, the lights pass by. It is all a blur, but from the back seat of the car, it is so familiar. Every bump in the road is made crystal clear by the car’sContinue Reading

The end of any typical fall semester at Concordia is filled with many things, from the Christmas Concerts to the stress of final examinations. December can feel like a race to the finish, as students scramble to put final touches on papers and cram in last-minute study sessions. However, forContinue Reading

Last week was Easter. Many students went home and spent some time with families and friends. For those who are Christians, Easter was a great time to reconnect with their faith and appreciate the gift of life that Christ has given us. College is a thrilling experience and a periodContinue Reading