BREWing Alone

At first I didn’t notice what was different in the campus organizations I was involved in. Like many small, creeping changes in campus climate, it began slowly: a three-week dip […]


More in LXXXVV/23

  • Photo by Zach Forstrom. The Fargo Theatre served as the red carpet for Concordia's English Film and Literature Capstone course, taught by professor Dr. Dawn Duncan, that showed four short films.

    Capstone students walk the red carpet at their Fargo Theatre premiere

    On Sunday April 15th, the lights go down in the Fargo Theatre; the audience, comprised of Concordia students, family and community members, excitedly waits to view the short films created […]

  • The absurdity of North Dakota politics

    “Well, you know, it is North Dakota.” That is my typical response whenever I see or hear about an absurdity in our neighbor state and do not feel like justifying […]

  • Student work highlighted at campus celebration

    Student work highlighted at campus celebration

    Once a year, Cobbers gather together from disciplines across campus in a showcase of academic achievement called The Celebration of Student Scholarship. This showcase, which took place on April 12 […]

  • Do we need Laundry View?

    Imagine the laundry machine texting you to let you know that your laundry is done. Just imagine being able to see from your laptop which machines are in use and […]

  • Photo submitted by Campus Entertainment Commission. Emily Hiestand, Krista Gilman, Katie Twedell, Emily Nelson and Laura Jean Kuisle wore 3D glasses for part of OKGO's performance at Cornstock last year in Memorial Auditorium. This year's headliner, Atmosphere, will bring a hip-hop vibe to campus.

    Atmosphere to bring hip-hop vibe to Cornstock

    Atmosphere’s hip-hop music is expected to draw new crowds to this year’s Cornstock festival, which has often featured alternative rock groups in the past. Cornstock will begin at 2 p.m. […]

  • Photo from the Concordia Tennis Club Facebook Group. The Concordia Tennis Club gathers by the courts at the Gustavus Invite.

    Tennis club camaraderie

      With the lovely warm weather bringing cheer to Cobbers all over campus, many students may want to be more physically active. Although it may seem strange to think of […]

  • An ode to Adele the truck

    I’m convinced that cars have personalities—not the cute, cartoonish ones seen in movies like “The Love Bug” or “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.” Rather, I think that they take on lives […]

  • Kelly Clarkson interpreted

    Many of us have been walking around lip-syncing or Bernie-ing to the new pop awesomeness that is “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson. We have been applying this piece of audio history […]

  • The BREW bubble

    This Letter to the Editors was submitted by Dan Loyas and Stef Clark, a first-year and senior student (respectively) at Concordia College. This year almost two dozen Cobbers participated in […]