The United States: discrimi-nation

o start off my first blog post here, I’ll introduce myself. My name is Emma Connell, and I’m a junior majoring in political science and philosophy. I’ve been interested in […]


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  • SGA — your connection

    Cobbers recently received news of Concordia College’s Student Government Association (SGA) stating their opposition to the MN Marriage Amendment. If passed, the MN Marriage Amendment would define marriage as between […]

  • Graphic by Emilie Bowman.

    The final countdown

    Next week’s election has been a long time coming, that’s for sure. For more than a year we’ve watched politicians parade past the grandstand of the American voting public. We’ve […]

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    Wearing our hearts on our sleeves

    As I observe the current debate on same-sex marriage, two things keep coming to mind: Concordia’s mission and my own marriage. I remember seeing Concordia’s mission statement every day on […]

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    How will history remember you?

    We take it for granted that all citizens have the right to vote regardless of their gender or race. We don’t think twice about seeing interracial marriages or “people of […]

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    Wahls weighs in on marriage amendment

    Everyone on this tiny campus has heard, on some level, the “Sin is Sin” vs. “Love is Love” debate. It has become much more than an opinion, much more than […]

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    SGA president explains proposal

    On Sept. 17, members of student government gathered to vote on a proposal that would take a stance on the Minnesota marriage amendment to be voted on Nov. 6. After […]

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    SGA takes stance on marriage amendment

    The Student Government Association decided at a forum meeting Monday to encourage vote “no” by students on the upcoming Minnesota marriage amendment. After watching other Minnesota colleges such as St. […]

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    Something that runs rampant in our generation is “slacktivism.” Slacktivism, according to Urban Dictionary, is “the act of participating in obviously pointless activities as an expedient alternative to actually expending […]

  • SGA decision

    Monday night, Concordia Student Government Association (SGA) passed an official position regarding the upcoming marriage amendment vote.  Part of the position reads SGA “encourages a vote ‘no’ on the proposed […]