Photo by Brandon King. Paul Brambilla '02 participates in aMicrosoft panel on Jan. 20. The event was part of a 100th Anniversary celebration for Concordia's Math and Computer Science department.

Math and computer science department celebrates 100 years

The math and computer science department honored its 100th anniversary Jan. 20 by inviting a group of guest speakers to share their work experiences with mathematics. Speakers presented information about […]


More in Mathematics Centennial

  • Photo by Lexi Robinson. Dr. Robert Lang demonstrated the art of origami to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Mathematics department at Concordia Oct. 19.

    The Beauty of Math

    This article was written by Lexi Robinson, a PULSE contributer for The Concordian. Origami, the art of Japanese paper folding, dates back to 1680. The first reference to origami is […]