Performances suffer in Memorial

Performances suffer in Memorial

Over one-third of Cobbers are involved in a music ensemble on campus. That means that over one- third of Cobbers aren’t getting the experience they deserve at Concor-dia College. If […]


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  • Memorial Auditorium update

    Memorial Auditorium update

    What exactly has been going on in Memorial Auditorium this year? In the Fall, Concordia announced that Memorial Auditorium, which serves multiple purposes on campus, would be the subject of […]

  • Students create petition for concert hall

    Students create petition for concert hall

    With Memorial Auditorium no longer an option for performances, many students are wondering, “What’s next?” Three students have attempted to answer that question with a petition for a concert hall. […]

  • Memorial Auditorium’s fate unsure

    Memorial Auditorium’s fate unsure

    Concordia’s Memorial Auditorium is undergoing a structural engineering analysis over the next several months in order to determine a long-term response to uneven snow loads on the roof. The ongoing […]