Photos of old downtown Moorhead on display during the press conference.

Moorhead comes together to revive downtown

BY KATELYN KASELLA AND KALEY SIEVERT At the Rourke Art Gallery and Museum in Moorhead, an old photograph that few are familiar with is on display. The photo features a […]


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  • The overseas process takes a minimum of two years, but can be decades long. Chart courtesy of LSSND.

    Refugees face long, grueling process

    In February 2014, Faris Alghanimi left his job in Bagdad, escaping the danger of the Taliban to face a new challenge: The U.S. immigration system. Alghanimi was born in Iraq […]

  • Women helping each other to study for the citizenship tests at the WE center. Photo by Paige Olson.

    Community partnerships help refugees adjust and succeed

    Every refugee who resettles in Fargo-Moorhead makes the same first stop on their journey to become a part of the community:  Lutheran Social Services. But that’s not where it ends. […]

  • Hamida Dakune and Hukun  Abdullahi at their office in Moorhead. Photo by Marit Johnson.

    Local non-profit tries to change conversation

    “We all want community, Chris. Stop spreading hatred,” Hunkun Abdullahi said. On Dec. 4, 2015, Chris Berg, host of KVLY’s “Point of View” had an intense discussion with two guests. […]

  • A complicated issue

    A complicated issue

    Identifying angst about refugee resettlement Walking into LSS these days isn’t as simple as stepping into the lobby, strolling down the hall and knocking on doors. Resembling the visitation process […]

  • A bulletin board demonstrates a handful of students that have graduated from the Skills Development Project. Photo by Aubrie Odegaard.

    Job training creates stronger workforce

    The website of Cardinal Glass Industries states their mission is to provide the highest quality glass products for residential windows. With over 6,000 employees nationwide, they are able to create […]

  • Hasta Basnet at Lutheran Social Services in Fargo. Photo by Abrie Odegaard.

    Building Trusting Relationships

    LSS helps refugees secure jobs Kawa Hawari goes to work every day and meets with people from all over the world. He listens to these peoples’ stories about their families, […]

  • Islamic Society builds community in mosque and Fargo-Moorhead

    Islamic Society builds community in mosque and Fargo-Moorhead

    At one o’clock on Friday afternoons, the room begins to fill with bodies –­­ a kaleidoscope of colors. Turquoise, magenta, cerulean and violet peppered with the occasional leopard spot or […]

  • Refugee entrepreneurs get boost from City of Fargo grant

    Refugee entrepreneurs get boost from City of Fargo grant

    Every day, New Americans in the Fargo-Moorhead area go to work. Some go to work at a job that barely pays the bills. Others go to work in a specialized […]

  • Facilities pumps city water into Prexy’s Pond. Photo by Reilly Myklebust.

    Moorhead city water pumped into Prexy’s Pond

    Prexy’s Pond is not natural; its water comes from the city of Moorhead. An underground irrigation line from Fjelstad Hall fills Prexy’s depths. When Prexy’s needs to be filled, a […]