Halloween. The word conjures up masked figures and haunted houses, jack-o’-lanterns and witches flying on broomsticks. Now picture a vampire playing violin, a goblin playing cello, a ghost playing double bass — and you might be imagining how the Concordia Orchestra, will look this Halloween. “My stand partner and IContinue Reading

Music education majors will experience a curriculum change next year when the Choral Literature course will change into Teaching Choral Music. Dr. Julie Hagen, assistant professor and coordinator of Music Education, said that these students currently have had only one methods course to inform them how to teach music toContinue Reading

Concordia College – As Concordia’s theater program kicks off November with the popular musical “Les Misérables,” cooperation between the theater and music departments becomes the key to putting on the best show possible. Though Karen Hamilton, the musical’s vocal director, said the bridge between the theater and music departments hasContinue Reading

This year, Concordia Choir bids a temporary farewell to a beloved colleague and conductor and welcomes an old friend. Dr. René Clausen will be taking time off this year to focus on his own projects while Michael Smith returns for his last year as a conductor but his first timeContinue Reading

It is easy to see Concordia students perform music: Attend one of the several concerts, recitals or gigs on the Moorhead campus. Distance is an issue for some, but people are working to eliminate that gap. Concordia’s Information Technology Services and music department recently collaborated to bring a new websiteContinue Reading