I spent last week at a theatre festival in Minneapolis and something I heard a lot of was praise for plays that are outdated, discriminatory and supremacist. “It’s a product of its time” was the most common defense used in discussions of whether or not colleges and playhouses should continueContinue Reading

My mom had my little sister, Tess, when I was nine years old and that’s when I started hearing the debate about whether or not women should be allowed to breastfeed publicly. Public breastfeeding was brought to my attention once again, a decade later, when the topic swept across socialContinue Reading

I am pro-life but I am not anti-abortion. Yes, there is a difference. I identify as pro-life because I believe that we need stricter gun laws in order to protect the lives of the people in our nation. I believe that we need to do away with capital punishment andContinue Reading

Upon arriving back to campus after Thanksgiving break, my friends and I sat around, whining and joking about radically conservative family members who had said some questionable things over creamed corn and Jell-O salad. We complained about grandmothers who support Ben Carson because they “heard that he prays twice aContinue Reading

Rest in peace, Coffee Stop espresso machine This week the espresso machine in the Coffee Stop, perhaps over-burdened by the increasing late-semester demands of the student population it serves, stopped working. I first heard the news when I attempted to order a medium mocha Tuesday afternoon. The barista sheepishly toldContinue Reading

  Jennifer Lawrence fell on her way down the red carpet again and the fact that her stumble was considered newsworthy enough to be featured on Time Magazine’s social media outlets worries me. America’s sweetheart is known for her work as Katniss Everdeen, a strong female lead in a seriouslyContinue Reading