Cobber cheerleaders practice stunting. Men and wom- en on the team have varying experience levels. The student-led team welcomes anyone to tryout March 7 through 10 in Olson Forum. Photo submitted by the Concordia College Sports Information Office.

Student-led cheer squad to host tryouts in March

What is a football game without a dozen plus cheerleaders standing on the track, cheering to the school song after a touch- down or a field goal? What’s a basketball […]


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  • Photo by Maddie Malat.

    Humans of Concordia

    “Cleaning out the community fridge was the grossest thing I had to clean. I’m not exag- gerating — 3-month-old milk is something else. I didn’t dump it, I just threw […]

  • From left to right: Brothers and owners of The Dragon’s Hoard, Jordan and Alex Tepley advertise a variety of their Magic trading cards. Photo by Kaley Sievert.

    A dragon’s treasure shared

    Two brothers opened The Dragon’s Hoard, a game shop full of RPGs, cards and board games. Legends have been foretold, where dragons filled with greed collected treasures across the land […]

  • Photo by Maddie Malat.

    Humans of Concordia

    “I have dreams that don’t make sense. There was a dream where I was at basketball practice and then after practice, for some reason, my shorts were stuck on me. […]

  • Park Region to house college’s first sexuality and gender inclusive floor

    Park Region to house college’s first sexuality and gender inclusive floor

    It is not often that bathroom signs make an impact in our everyday lives, including that of the gender neutral bathroom in the basement of Park Region hall, but three-year-olds […]

  • Foam weapons fighting club continues to run line drills and team building exercises to prepare for Wolfpack. Team fighting is a transition for Niflheim, which has been working on individual skills. Photo by Maddie Malat.

    Niflheim takes their team to Wolfpack

    During spring break, foam weapons fighting club will be anything but normal in Normal, Ill. when they battle 300 to 500 people in the foam weapons yearly event A mass […]

  • Dezmond Ward took off his sophomore year to organize the online newspaper in his hometown, Milbank, S.D. Photo by Maddie Malat.

    Online newspaper: The Valley Express

    Cobber creates, runs and edits hometown paper For 135 years, The Grant County Review was the only source of news for residents of Milbank, S.D., the town where Concordia junior […]

  • Photo by Maddie Malat.

    Humans of Concordia

    “My old self acted purely on instinct. I found myself trying different majors, minors, personality traits and even fashion. I’ve tried a lot of weird stuff in the past four […]

  • Thursday nights at Mick’s Office

    Thursday nights at Mick’s Office

    Older Cobbers bond over a well-established tradition If you searched through the kitchen cupboards of many Concordia students, it is likely that you would find an array of colorful plastic […]

  • Humans of Concordia

    Humans of Concordia

    I like my comfort zone, because it’s like a safety blanket, protecting me from judgment for the things I do. A lot of my mannerisms are really weird and out […]