The best nooks in Fargo, according to student photographers When browsing through Instagram, you might find a couple of Concordia’s own student-photographers. You might click on their profiles and peruse their unique photos and notice their unusual backgrounds of graffiti walls or urban alleyways. But where do Concordia seniors andContinue Reading

Cobber feminism club focuses on the equality of all sexes and genders Feminism Club has two basic rules: 1. Talk about feminism. 2. Don’t be a jerk. The club is new to Concordia’s campus this year and executive board members Katie Beedy, Rachel McCloud and Natalie Dulka aim to createContinue Reading

Halloween. The word conjures up masked figures and haunted houses, jack-o’-lanterns and witches flying on broomsticks. Now picture a vampire playing violin, a goblin playing cello, a ghost playing double bass — and you might be imagining how the Concordia Orchestra, will look this Halloween. “My stand partner and IContinue Reading

“My parents were missionaries and met each other at a Christian college. They were put in a group of other couples and missionaries to go church-planting. They ended up going to the poorer provice of Mindanao, Philippines. I was born there along with my younger brother and my older brother,Continue Reading

  @PresidentCraft may not have Twitter’s blue checkmark, but it is the real deal. President William Craft has been taking the Twittersphere by storm for the past couple of weeks. “Yes, [the Twitter account] is mine. I work in partnership with the people in Communications and Marketing at the college,”Continue Reading

Campus postal workers implore students to check their PO boxes As the year kicks off and classes reach full swing, students should not forget about checking their campus mailboxes. Every day, a student may receive a letter from a loved one, a graded paper or exam, or even coupons fromContinue Reading

“Today I played pingpong. You should focus on hitting the ball more than how you hit the ball. You need a strong head. It’s a really easy game to just get super mad at…but as soon as you start getting mad, you start doing horribly. It’s all about controlling yourContinue Reading