Students create a club that gives anyone the opportunity to swim For students who want to swim without the time commitment of swim team, or for the men who do not have a formal team as an option, Concordia’s Swim Club is a convenient alternative. Swim club was formed atContinue Reading

A campus chapter of Young Americans for Liberty, a political activism organization, has been started at Concordia, Ian Lane, the president of the chapter, said. According to Lane, Young Americans for Liberty is a national organization whose primary goal is to educate and motivate young people to get involved inContinue Reading

 “‘Pack lighter go further’ has always been something that resonates with me. When you’re backpacking, you take only what’s absolutely necessary, and I love that idea. Simple living and living in a conscious way is something I’m working on. I like thinking about ‘pack lighter go further’ in a wayContinue Reading

“There is no doubt in my mind that we are not the only intelligent life inhabiting the vastness of space. Aliens have to be real and they might be more closley related to us than we think. Another thing I find myself thinking about is how we center our livesContinue Reading

Students without visiting families find ways to make memories during Family Weekend As Family Weekend approaches, senior Kylie Windecker thinks of her parents, who who died from illness in 2009 and 2013. She remembers watching old black and white films with her dad and having long conversations with her mom,Continue Reading

Concordia students learn to confront global peace tactics Students representing 89 different countries met in Norway this summer in an effort to have meaningful conversations about peace. Alex Gray and Matthew Lillehaugen were selected to represent Concordia in the 2015 Peace Scholars program. The two students spent one week inContinue Reading

“Even when I have been doing work, when there’s something left that I have not taken care of, it’s just constantly running through my mind…I could be doing this, I should be doing that, why are you just lying there. I think that’s the thing that keeps me most worried.Continue Reading