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David Brooks lecture addresses bridging political and spiritual gaps

On Thursday, Feb. 9, Concordia played host to New York Times columnist, author, and political and cultural commentator David Brooks as one of the 125th Anniversary President’s Seminars. Speaking to […]


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    Understanding what it means to be a U.S. citizen

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  • Electoral college is necessity

    Electoral college is necessity

    The 2016 election season is one that will go down in history due to its controversy and drama, with the results of the election being perhaps the most contentious part. […]

  • Safe spaces needed for many

    Safe spaces needed for many

    In recent years, there has been a great deal of debate regarding the purpose and effect of safe spaces on college campuses. Safe spaces are what they sound like: designated […]

  • Maddie Malat

    Being the elephant in a room full of donkeys

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  • Welcome to the ‘New World’

    Welcome to the ‘New World’

    Kevin McCarthy and his 10-year-old daughter Emily had not seen the sun in 14 months — until they climbed a metal ladder and pushed open their vaulted door on Tuesday. […]

  • On the greatest country in the world

    On the greatest country in the world

    Patriotism, nationalism, loyalty, allegiance: all words with positive connotations. To support one’s country is to be a good citizen, and to do otherwise is to be unthankful and petulant. Americans […]

  • Anti-Trump group-think

    Anti-Trump group-think

    Election season rages on, and at times it seems there will be no end. Tensions are rising, and drama that was once entertaining is becoming worrisome. Advocates for each of […]

  • Thinking critically about St. Patrick’s Day

    Thinking critically about St. Patrick’s Day

    St. Patrick’s Day is here, and the spirit of the day is apparent everywhere. Shamrocks and clovers decorate people and walls, while American rivers run green with Irish pride. Similar […]

  • Election Day should be a holiday

    Election Day should be a holiday

    Tensions rise as Election Day, still months away, inches closer and closer. Super Tuesday passed by last week, and primary elections are beginning to narrow the pool of candidates to […]