I don’t need to call the recent article by Jacob Amos a, “paradox”, “oxymoron”, “nonsensical” or even, “downright stupid”, I will simply call it– wrong. It is wrong because Mr. Amos’ essay is internally inconsistent and also because, if taken seriously, his ideas would destroy the very discourses he’s tryingContinue Reading

Call it a paradox, call it an oxymoron, call it nonsensical or downright stupid—the words contained herein will opine on the folly of opinions, particularly those vehemently guarded. As almost-adults grasping desperately in those always-awkward adolescent years for some semblance of an individualized identity, the safety in the inspiring imperativeContinue Reading

“Sin is Sin” and “The Innocence of Muslims” are extremely different cases that came into the spotlight as a result of social media. What we see, however, is the public response to these issues is not appealing and that leads me to ask: why do we respond to “hate” withContinue Reading

I couldn’t help but shudder when I heard Eboo Patel praise Concordia for leading the way with interfaith dialogue at this year’s Opening Convocation. His high praise (although namely attributed to the establishment of the Forum on Faith and Life and the soon-to-be chapter of his Interfaith Youth Core’s organizationContinue Reading