Why good grades aren’t enough to prepare you for reality Speeches, papers, and exams fill the mind. Highlighter streaks and ballpoint pen marks paint the pages of our calendars, but allow no room for artistic expression. Our studies control our lives and leave little room for social intermingling. Yes, thereContinue Reading

Why homecoming is more than a fun week at school I love homecoming. I have obvious reasons, but seriously, I love it. Everything about it. The preceding week when everyone rushes through everything to have fun and make their plans; the week you pretty much die because you are soContinue Reading

President’s seminar discusses “Happy Cobber” phenomenon The President’s Seminar last Friday did not mark the end of the happiness discussion on Concordia’s campus. Although President Craft’s suggestion of renaming the weekly community time to happy hour was a mere passing pun, the theme of happiness will continue throughout the remainingContinue Reading

Family Weekend is a time of introduction between two families. Students arrive on campus and either create, revive or maintain friendships. One month into school, Family Weekend welcomes students’ families to join the campus community to get a sense of student life. Junior Courtney Backen, the chair of Family Weekend,Continue Reading

Concordia’s Student Government Association has a new committee this year that will be devoted to sustainability on the college’s campus. “It was pretty apparent that (sustainability) was a big part of student life and something that needed to be addressed,” SGA Sustainability Commissioner Kristina Kaupa said. SGA president Levi BachmeierContinue Reading