Kenneth Foster is the Chair of the President’s Sustainability Committee. Photo by Maddie Malat.

Concordia to commit to more than just the environment

College will sign the Integrated Climate Commitment in April President Craft announced earlier this month that he would be signing Second Nature’s Integrated Climate Commitment on April 11, 2017, solidifying […]


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  • Always choose paper over plastic

    Always choose paper over plastic

    A few weeks ago, I went grocery shopping at Hornbachers. While I was checking out, the bagger asked me, “Paper or plastic?” Might I add, she had already begun placing […]

  • To live sustainably, go vegetarian

    To live sustainably, go vegetarian

    In the weeks since the inauguration of President Donald Trump, environmental activists and scientists across the globe have raised their concerns about the future health of the earth. Political views […]

  • Maddie Malat

    Concordia offices go green

    As part of Concordia’s latest step toward sustainability, offices across campus are going green. The Green Office Program was implemented this fall under the guidance of Sustainability Coordinator Samantha Westrate. […]

  • Plagiarism: new sustainability initiative

    Plagiarism: new sustainability initiative

    After 125 years of striving for a greener community, the Concordia administration has finally determined the best way for students to address sustainability on campus: plagiarism. Students are now encouraged […]

  • The high tunnel is uniquely located in a residential area of campus. Photo by Maddie Malat.

    High tunnel greenhouse marks first growing season

    The scent of damp earth and growing things catches in your nostrils, circulated by the fans that hum at both ends of the new structure. April sunlight filters through the […]

  • Food sovereignty and Feed My Starving Children

    Food sovereignty and Feed My Starving Children

    Organization coming to campus is a ‘Band-Aid’ to a more complex issue Many of you probably know that the organization Feed My Starving Children is coming to campus Saturday. Though […]

  • National Park Service at 100

    National Park Service at 100

    As students, I feel a pressing question we are constantly posed is, “What will your generation’s legacy be?” It is a heady question. It seems we are precariously balancing on […]

  • High impact learning trip 2016

    High impact learning trip 2016

    Cobbers go on trip to learn about sustainability   Captions and photos by staff writer Alyssa Armstrong, who participated in the HILT trip. 

  • ‘Reduce, reuse, recycle’

    ‘Reduce, reuse, recycle’

    Reduce, reuse, recycle. You’ve read or said this many times before in your life, but it’s important to note the order of these three actions. Often times the first action […]