Downed printers, connection problems and email troubles have plagued students since the days of orientation. Several frustrated students have to wonder: why all the problems? This year, Information Technology Services has been struggling with a shortage of staff members. With so few members on their staff, many problems cannot beContinue Reading

It is easy to see Concordia students perform music: Attend one of the several concerts, recitals or gigs on the Moorhead campus. Distance is an issue for some, but people are working to eliminate that gap. Concordia’s Information Technology Services and music department recently collaborated to bring a new websiteContinue Reading

People often think of technology in terms of entertainment or social media. But have you ever wondered how technology could improve your health? Three Concordia students on campus use three different phone apps to enhance their workouts. These apps include Yoga Studio, Nike+ Running and MyFitnessPal. Delaney McKay uses YogaContinue Reading