Last semester, President Craft announced that Concordia’s 2014-2015 tuition would stand at $41,484. This $1,510 increase from last year has resulted in this year’s low enrollment and has put students under a lot of pressure. Instead of devoting their time to classes and extracurricular activities, students are constantly worrying aboutContinue Reading

Admissions explores underlying reasons for Concordia’s ranking Concordia graduates aren’t getting as good of a financial return on their tuition as students from North Dakota State University and Minnesota State University of Moorhead, according to a recent article published in The Forum. “PayScale, a salary analysis site, used salary dataContinue Reading

Enrollment is down at Concordia College. This fall, overall enrollment experienced a five percent decrease, but according to the enrollment division, there is little concern for what that means for the school year. “We’ll see minor ups and downs,” said Steve Schuetz, vice president of admissions and financial aid atContinue Reading