“Cleaning out the community fridge was the grossest thing I had to clean. I’m not exag- gerating — 3-month-old milk is something else. I didn’t dump it, I just threw it away. It wasn’t even white anymore and it was really lumpy.”

Grammar. It has adorned blackboards and whiteboards for decades. It has daunted students with the intricacies of its structure and its variances from that of spoken language. The singular use of “they” and other traditionally third person plural pronouns is one such case of this variance. Take, for example, theContinue Reading

Two brothers opened The Dragon’s Hoard, a game shop full of RPGs, cards and board games. Legends have been foretold, where dragons filled with greed collected treasures across the land and hoarded them in their caves. Moonlight would trickle in through the cave ceiling, sparkling and reflecting off of theContinue Reading

“I have dreams that don’t make sense. There was a dream where I was at basketball practice and then after practice, for some reason, my shorts were stuck on me. I couldn’t take my shorts off. Or my shoes. Practice ended so I went to the locker room and IContinue Reading