Graphic by Emilie Bowman.

Women in sports: Stereoptypes and gender expectations target female athletes

Standing in the hallway, peering in through a dirty window, there are a couple of women in the Concordia weight room among a sea of men. Those brave souls. According […]


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  • Photo by Jamie Telander. The volleyball team warms up. The women would not be playing Division III volleyball if not for Title IX, an education amendment that passed 40 years ago.

    Celebrating Title IX

    When Title IX, an amendment outlawing gender discrimination in any educational program receiving federal funding and assistance, was passed, it opened a whole world of opportunity for women. This included […]

  • Knickerbocker wins MIAC honor

    Knickerbocker wins MIAC honor

    After a summer of intense training and preparation, Hannah Knickerbocker was named the MIAC Women’s Cross Country Athlete of the Week on September 5, 2012. Knickerbocker was nominated by women’s […]