What started as a shelf of snacks and nonperishables quickly expanded into a room full of food that now feeds 220 Concordia students a year. In May 2020, the Office of Student Engagement created the Cobber Food Pantry to provide a welcoming, judge-free, and easy-to-access resource for students who struggleContinue Reading

Anyone with a keen eye may have noticed the small booklet that suddenly appears once a year all around campus. This is Afterwork, a collection of student art, poetry, writing, and any other possible submissions that students bring in. Gabe Weise, a senior majoring in Communications with an English minor,Continue Reading

Concordia’s 96th annual Christmas concert took place this last weekend, with higher attendance rates than the past several years. Despite recent Coronavirus outbreaks on campus, the Concordia orchestra and each Concordia choir was permitted to perform without masks, even with the interactive audience layout of the choir during several intervalsContinue Reading

Every year Concordia Dining Services hosts a Thanksgiving dinner. It usually takes place on Thursday during the second to last full week of school before Thanksgiving break. This year’s Thanksgiving Dinner was on Nov 10 from 4:30-7:30 p.m., featuring several great foods: turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, dinner rolls, stuffing, lefse, pumpkin pie,Continue Reading

According to CAA News Today, across the country, 18 different colleges are making major cuts to their humanities programs.  With registration hanging in the air, students must be reminded to take selected humanities courses over their time at Concordia College.   Concordia College remains a liberal arts college that continues toContinue Reading

On Friday Oct 10 an email was sent to all Concordia students, faculty, and staff, informing the community about an act of vandalism that had taken place the night before. The email said that unauthorized stickers had been placed around Concordia’s campus with clear ties to white supremacy, hate, andContinue Reading