While this past year has been entirely unusual, there are still several things that remain the same. Poverty continues to be a problem in the United States and has only gotten worse during COVID-19. Concordia’s Diversity Equity Inclusion Commission (DEIC) sought to understand poverty and its impact.  In previous years,Continue Reading

For many, homecoming at Concordia brings fond memories of cheering with friends at the football game, bundling up for the bonfire and seeing groups of Cobber alumni reuniting with their classmates. This year, HOCO Fall Fest, Concordia’s homecoming and family weekend joint event, had none of those activities. Because ofContinue Reading

The announcement of Concordia’s 2020 homecoming royalty was met with near silence. A few claps could be heard throughout a mostly empty Memorial Auditorium, but the typical energy that accompanies a coronation was absent from the room. The silence wasn’t because of a wildly unpopular homecoming court or disappointment aboutContinue Reading