Save the date: Cornstock is set for Apr. 23, 2022. Cornstock is a Campus Events Commission-sponsored event that brings in a musical artist to perform for the Concordia community. There has not been a Cornstock since the start of the pandemic, so for the first time in two years, CECContinue Reading

In 2018, Childish Gambino released the music video for his song “This is America,” which quickly sparked controversy over the overt depictions of violence and explicit commentary on racial justice issues.  This instance of music being used to make a statement, specifically about racial issues in the United States, isContinue Reading

While this past year has been entirely unusual, there are still several things that remain the same. Poverty continues to be a problem in the United States and has only gotten worse during COVID-19. Concordia’s Diversity Equity Inclusion Commission (DEIC) sought to understand poverty and its impact.  In previous years,Continue Reading