On the afternoon of Apr. 10, 2022, a group of Cobbers gathered to perform dances and put on a show. Apart from sparking some entertainment and fun in the midst of finals and deadlines approaching, the core mission and accomplishments of the organizers of this event went much further, especiallyContinue Reading

As the marker of mid-spring approaches, many are awaiting Easter break. Where children await the presence of the Easter bunny and colorful eggs filled with candy some may wonder where this joyful holiday originates from, It is a Christian belief that Easter marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ while alsoContinue Reading

On Sunday, March 26, students and community members alike gathered in the Sanford overflow parking lot for the first campus-run car meet in Concordia’s history.  Exhaust fumes filled the air as cars of all makes and models idled in the lot, mirrored by the frozen breath of the participants. TheContinue Reading

A violent wind sweeps across Concordia College’s campus on February 24, causing students to shiver and slip as they rushed indoors. The wind pelts the panes of Old Main, where a classroom has been converted into a temporary meditation retreat.   Most of the tables and chairs in the room haveContinue Reading