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Let’s Take A Break

Okay Cobbers, it’s Friday. What do you want to be doing? Homework? I thought so.

I mean, what else would a Cobber want to do? Okay, I jest, but in all honesty, we work incredibly hard at this school, and even if you don’t think you deserve a break, you probably do. If you cannot remember the last time you took a break, you probably deserve one. If you think that your eyes are broken when you cannot read text, numbers, or chemical compositions… you definitely deserve a break. So take it from me, a master break-taker, that there are things you can do to calm the heck down.

5) Walk across the hall. Your hall-mates are an endless source of fantastic. I have several roommates who can attest to the fact that it has taken me over two hours to walk from the sixth floor of Livedalen to the basement for a Coke, simply because I wanted a break from my laptop. I love people, and they provide interaction and probably have insight into your homework too. Some of the campus’ most fabulous editors live nearby.

4) Try on all of your clothes at one time. Not only is this hilarious and time consuming, it may just add some fun clothing combinations to your wardrobe. Well, maybe that’s not true, but make it a competition and whoever wins gets to go back to their homework first!

3) Draw things. Nothing is more therapeutic or fun than sitting in your room drawing stick versions of your roommates. You may or may not offend them, which may or may not be funny.

2) Eat things. All the things. I recommend ramen, ravioli, spaghetti-o’s, children… Okay, I was joking about the last one, but not really. For some reason I think food calms people down, so that 15 page philosophy paper seems so much less than it really is when you have a bowl of ramen out with chopsticks and a strawberry Fruitopia.

1) Stumble. No I do not mean literally, so if I hear about freshmen pitching themselves down flights of stairs in Livedalen, I give up all liability. But the fabulous website is the best thing ever created. Essentially, you put in your interests and then random sites all over the magical interwebs are put before your eyes. You can “Like” them and then amass a library of things that will distract you for life! I have, like, 300-some faves. Oops. Obviously, this is how I spend most of my breaks, but there are plenty more ways, so you can find your own favorite pasttime.

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