Task force chair takes us to task Dear Editor, Thank you for the article on Sept. 25 regarding the work of the ad hoc committee on the status of women at Concordia. Because I want your readers to have an accurate sense of what was found in our extensive study,Continue Reading

A response to last week’s column questioning the symposium Recently in The Concordian Zach Lipp wrote about his experience with the Sustainability Symposium and how frustrating it is to be confronted with a global problem without a clear solution in sight. And those who attended the opening session with Dr.Continue Reading

Let’s start shooting stuff into space again Dear NASA, As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, America is no longer the coolest country in the world. Last week, India successfully put their satellite, Mangalyaan, into orbit around Mars. That’s really cool. Sure, you did it first, but they got itContinue Reading

Speaking to troops in Tampa, FL; President Obama emphasized: “I want to be clear. The American forces that have been deployed to Iraq do not and will not have a combat mission.” With growing international pressure and mounting Congressional demands for a cogent strategy toward the Islamic State of IraqContinue Reading

I suspect you are already tired of hearing about Syria. The future path is blurry – even to our president.  Assad will still be in power. 
How many has he killed without chemical weapons? Who is using the chemical weapons? It sounds to me like the real problem is whoeverContinue Reading