This article was submitted by Erin Prochnow, YWCA Cass-Clay Executive Director. Violence of every kind is sent out across newsprint, television and computer monitors, radio airwaves and cell phone screens daily. And as the disturbing snapshots grab your attention, you can bet some of the victims are people you know,Continue Reading

This Letter to the Editors was submitted by Emily Bosch and Mark Besonen, two Sophomores at Concordia College. I’m Emily, a Democrat, and I think Mark is an idiot… politically. I’m Mark, a Republican, and I think Emily is an idiot… politically. We spent our time during our Inquiry seminarContinue Reading

Gender identity and how it affects a student’s inclusivity is not an issue many face while attending traditional colleges or universities. Many feel their gender is one of the few things considered for anything besides who their freshman roommate is or what dorm they are placed in. However, for theContinue Reading

This Letter to the Editors was submitted by Will Merickel, a Sophomore at Concordia College. Recently, President Obama has brought forth a $3 trillion deficit reduction plan that would take around a decade to go into full effect. The deficit reduction proposal would cut benefits toward Medicare beneficiaries and militaryContinue Reading

This Letter to the Editors was submitted by Mary Kate Sershen, a Senior at Concordia College. “What’s in a credit score?” “Where does a credit score come from?” “Why does it matter?” A credit score is a number, between 300-850, that serves as an indicator of a person’s “creditworthiness.” PutContinue Reading

This post was written by Bruce Vieweg, Dean of Students at Concordia College. I am finally able to celebrate the end of DADT – Don’t Ask Don’t Tell – that policy adopted by the military to ‘tolerate’ non-heterosexual individuals by asking them to ‘live a lie’ and to ‘keep lotsContinue Reading

We recently came upon the tenth anniversary of September 11, 2001, a day that has defined our generation in ways that we are still realizing. But how has it defined us? That day, each of us heard the news and reacted in our own private way, but as a generationContinue Reading