The room is filled with the constant clicking of keyboards, frequent shuffling of papers and an occasional ringtone from outside. The volunteer tax preparers chat back and forth with assistant professor of accounting Ron Twedt and each other as they fill out the tax returns.  “You ready?” Twedt says. “IContinue Reading

Alexander Smith didn’t realize he was responding to a hacker until he had given them his Cobbernet username and password.  Smith is a Concordia student and he was working on his computer at home when he received an email notifying him that his Concordia password needed updating. The email cameContinue Reading

Like many great things, it all started in a basement. Ty Ford and Michael Moran decided to start their own coffee bean roasting company in 2014 and got to work. This became Twenty Below Coffee Company. After continued success at their Fargo location, Twenty Below expanded to a new locationContinue Reading

Outside the weather is cold, chilling to toes and noses alike, but in Olin on Wednesday nights, the studio is warm with excited energy. The show is about to start.  Chatter and rustling. Laughter and talking. A hand raises, fingers counting down. Five, four—noise ceases—three, two—shifting feet and clothing adjustments—one:Continue Reading

On December 7, the Concordia College community learned of the death of Grant Eggers. Eggers died in his home in Bismarck on December 2. Eggers was in his third year at Concordia, and in that time, impacted those who were friends with him, taught him or even had class withContinue Reading

Strained eyes, slumped posture and tired faces: the modern student. Online schooling was an unprecedented learning experience for most Concordia students, but one which all had to endure. From students to staff, the fall semester brought many challenges. However, now entering the spring semester, the campus body knows what it’sContinue Reading