During my time as a Cobber, I have allowed most changes made to furniture arrangements and eating implements in Anderson Commons to pass me by with little comment. Perhaps I grumbled at first when they began to replace the angular black bowls with the round white bowls last year, andContinue Reading

Over the past few weeks, I heard a few people mention that The Concordian should become digital, much like SGA’s choice to let all students have digital access to the New York Times. While there can be good arguments made to try and advocate for a digital Concordian, I thinkContinue Reading

A staffer in Concordia’s admissions office, who was intentionally not named by the office, methodically went through and confiscated all copies of The Concordian in Knutson Campus Center yesterday. This week’s Concordian featured on the front page a story about students’ use of alcohol before campus dances. The story wasContinue Reading

College towns may prove one of the most challenging environments in which to run a business. Between the constantly changing taste preferences and ever-amorphous fads that we college students tend to cycle through, reaching consumers and maintaining their short-lived attention must be a daunting task indeed. In the face ofContinue Reading

The United States has now gone a full week with a government shutdown in place. Federal offices are not functioning, government employees have been sent home from work and our economy is taking a major hit. However, our government is not the only thing failing us right now. Major mediaContinue Reading

The new Concordia Facebook phenomenon, Cobber Mingle, allows students to make anonymous posts about their romantic — and apparently even sexual — interests, hopes, dreams, and fantasies. From adorable little posts about some nameless cutie seen around campus to revealing sexual stories and downright forward propositions, it is definitely theContinue Reading