This past week, the Biden administration introduced a $2 trillion infrastructure plan designed to overhaul the nation’s existing roads, bridges, water pipes and more, and it could not come soon enough. For years, many in and out of Washington have been throwing around the idea of a large-scale infrastructure plan,Continue Reading

In the months building up to the 2020 presidential election, the Republican Party, recognizing the weaknesses of their campaign and their candidate, shifted their focus from the result to the process. Led by then-President Donald Trump, elected Republican officials began to disingenuously cry foul about new voting laws that wereContinue Reading

Thomas Paine’s writings before the American Revolution were essential in making the case for revolution, and his pamphlet “Common Sense” exemplified this. In my AP U.S. History class in high school, we only learned about Paine’s “Common Sense” but didn’t talk about his other writings at all. This is whatContinue Reading