William Shakespeare wrote “King Lear” during a plague. “Frankenstein” and “Pride and Prejudice” both were written in extreme isolation. With film production facing many barriers during the COVID-19 lockdown, creators have had to adapt to the circumstances. Some works created under harsh circumstances became what defined the era. Netflix’s FebruaryContinue Reading

Sometimes, the combination of a movie’s interesting premise, decorated starpower and promise of an interesting throwback experience sounds too good to pass up. Cue the first wide release of 2021, released in theaters and on HBO Max. New from writer-director John Lee Hancock (“The Blind Side,” “The Highwaymen”) comes “TheContinue Reading

The North Dakota Film Society has announced their winners for the 2nd NDFS Awards. The organization entered its sophomore year by honoring its members’ favorite films of 2020. Their top picks included: Best Picture: “Nomadland”Best Director: Chloé Zhao, “Nomadland”Best Actress: Frances McDormand, “Nomadland”Best Actor: Riz Ahmed, “Sound of Metal” “Nomadland”Continue Reading

2020 was a tough year for the release of movies. However, 2020 was not a bad year for movies. While there are many movies that came out this year I have yet to watch, a good plenty I’m glad I had the opportunity to watch. In no particular order, myContinue Reading