The first weeks of 2021 have been almost as turbulent as the first weeks of 2020, and it just keeps getting worse. As part of a massive system that affected much of the country, the winter storm that struck Texas created a disaster that no one saw coming. With temperaturesContinue Reading

During the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a significant power vacuum that was supposed to be filled by former President Trump. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo filled this position of leadership when New York was struggling to combat the pandemic. He was widely celebrated by liberals who praisedContinue Reading

Another unthinkable presidential scandal, another deserved impeachment trial and another spineless display by the Congressional representation of the Republican Party. Despite the series of events that happened in the public eye and the compelling case that the House prosecutors presented to the Senate, 43 Republican senators decided that they wouldContinue Reading

Once again, the National Football League has fumbled the ball in the face of an opportunity to set an example for the country. Super Bowl LV was held in Tampa Bay, Florida last week in a stadium packed with thousands of fans, as well as thousands of cardboard cutouts, lookingContinue Reading