Concordia’s library keeps the hours typical of many college libraries, making it, tragically, perfectly average. For those students set on transcending average (or virtually any student majoring in Concordia’s reputably challenging sciences), the library’s early closing proves a nuisance. Worse, the hours ultimately manifest an allocation of resources that setsContinue Reading

I felt very much like Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage of “Myth Busters” last week as I tracked down the truth to one of Concordia’s greatest myths: the secret closet of books in the library. For those of you who haven’t heard of this particular myth, the secret closet ofContinue Reading

This article was written by Kayla Culver, a contributing author for The Concordian. The Carl B. Ylvisaker Library got a facelift over the summer.  New furniture was added to Serendipity, the asbestos was removed from the Fishbowl ceiling and the Fishbowl was wired, adding more computers. The changes have notContinue Reading