As someone who actively engages in both theology and science, I was intrigued by Patrick Sorrells’ most recent column title. Dialogue around the value of faith, and how it is put into practice, is critical to building a stronger personal understanding of one’s faith. However, I found Sorrells’ article toContinue Reading

Just around two weeks ago, Pat Sorrells, a Concordian opinion columnist, wrote about Concordia and how we fail to fulfill our mission statement. Throughout the article, he made several argumentative points as to why the campus struggles to meet its own personal ideal and what departments have a major roleContinue Reading

In his article “College does not fulfill mission,” Pat Sorrells clearly states that he believes that Concordia should remove the phrase “dedicated to the Christian life” from its mission statement. His main points are that Concordia does not require mandatory chapel attendance (something he believes that Concordia should do) andContinue Reading

Here at Concordia, we straddle many differences. Minnesota or North Dakota? Arts or sports? Korn Krib or the Maize? Sandy’s Donuts or…no, wait. The lesson is, Cobbers get the best of both worlds. Another example, living green or staying on a student budget? Perhaps sustainable clothing or makeup comes atContinue Reading