On March 9, 31 people came to Concordia College for a celebration and ceremony and left as new United States citizens. This naturalization ceremony was attended by families and friends of the new citizens, as well as Concordia staff, faculty, students and even alumni. The ceremony consisted of the necessaryContinue Reading

“Empowering. Sweaty. Challenging. Kick-ass-fun.” This is how junior Haleigh White describes her newfound passion: Roller derby. According to White, roller derby is a contact sport played on roller skates on an oblong track like one used in track and field competitions. A bout consists of two teams, each made upContinue Reading

This article was submitted by Caleb Giesen, a student at Concordia College. Squalls of muffled dogs’ howls ring out from back rooms and the underlying scent of Purina permeates the air as Heather Clyde welcomes visitors to the Fargo-Moorhead Humane Society. The wails swell and fade through the shelter asContinue Reading