Here at Concordia, we straddle many differences. Minnesota or North Dakota? Arts or sports? Korn Krib or the Maize? Sandy’s Donuts or…no, wait. The lesson is, Cobbers get the best of both worlds. Another example, living green or staying on a student budget? Perhaps sustainable clothing or makeup comes atContinue Reading

The Constitution of the United States is very clear about which powers are vested in our federal government. These powers are called delegated powers, and are explicitly enumerated to avoid any confusion as to what the federal government can and cannot regulate. The powers that each individual state has areContinue Reading

As a mental health professional and more specifically a counselor at Concordia, I feel that it is important to respond to the opinion piece, “On-Campus Sexual Offenses are Underreported and Undertreated” (March 23, 2017). It appears that the article is seeking to bring attention to several very important issues affectingContinue Reading

Creating an atmosphere of inclusion is hard when it comes to political ideologies on college campuses. Concordia College is characteristically liberal, like most other post-secondary institutions in the United States. When it comes to class discussions on potentially divided issues, usually only one side is rationalized as being the rightContinue Reading