Ah, that American classic, the World Series. This year, it’s the Texas Rangers’ championship to win or lose. Sure, the Cardinals can be competitive, but can they do so for five to seven games? What exactly makes the Rangers the World Series favorites? It’s during these murky moments, these timesContinue Reading

I’m late; I’m late for a very important date. The opening week of the National Football League has come and gone, and I haven’t screamed my all-important predictions to the world. But better late than never, as I tell my employers. So here are my predictions, in all of theirContinue Reading

Research and studies on head injuries in sports have placed the spotlight on hockey and football. However, new findings are showing that soccer players are at just as much risk for concussions. According to a recent study in the Journal of Athletic Training, boy’s soccer produces 22 concussions and girl’sContinue Reading

Ah, the beginning of another beautiful year in Cobberville, U.S.A. Freshmen are frolicking about campus clutching beanies and books with eyes wide in something between fear and felicity. Upperclassmen have returned in anticipation, leaving the long summer months behind them and looking forward to… well, they probably haven’t decided thatContinue Reading

I’m going to give you a list of the Super Bowl Champions since 2000. As you read, think of a common theme between these teams. 2010: New Orleans Saints* 2009: Pittsburgh Steelers 2008: New York Giants 2007: Indianapolis Colts 2006: Pittsburgh Steelers 2005: New England Patriots 2004: New England PatriotsContinue Reading