Most Concordia students dream of vacations and summer fun when the month of May rolls around. However, a small group of students return to Concordia College each year after only a short break. These students are members of the major student organizations on campus, including Student Government Association, Campus MinistryContinue Reading

In this week’s Student Government elections, two candidates listed SGA transparency as a platform goal. It’s easy to see why. Transparency is the new buzzword. We want to feel connected with where our money is being spent and whether those decisions are going to positively affect us. However, at Concordia,Continue Reading

The campus voted for Student Government Association leadership Tuesday night. The new administration will take over April 5, and they will be responsible to stay true to their campaign promises. What these goals will look like in practice will remain a mystery until they take office. Platform goals can beContinue Reading

The Student Government Association elections are next week. Since Monday, when campaigning officially commenced, students have been bombarded with Facebook page “like” requests, campus mail flyers (that will very quickly end up in the trash), and the visual displeasure of tacky and unnecessary advertising plastered throughout campus buildings. For theContinue Reading

Three new Student Government Association projects are scheduled to hit campus this month. These include a new campus publication, a new award and a campaign to save energy. The largest of these projects is the plan for a new campus publication. Vice President Greg Clark has been leading the planningContinue Reading

Their thermostat reads 64 degrees. As outside temperatures drop, and the dead cold days of winter quickly approach, Concordia students Jen Buchanan and Lauren Tjaden set the thermostat in their off-campus house very low in order to save money on their heating bill. “Our house is very old, so theContinue Reading

This article was written by Jamie Offerdahl, a contributing writer at The Concordian. Opportunities to earn money while doing something that you love don’t come around often, but the Student Government Association is providing the opportunity for just that. The undergraduate student scholar program funded by the SGA is providingContinue Reading

The Student Government Association’s proposal to change intervisitation is nearing its completion. The Intervisitation Committee has been meeting weekly since September to work on their proposal. SGA held a town hall meeting on Oct. 26 to get student input. The meeting was another step in the long process of revisingContinue Reading