Serious injuries are an all too common occurrence in collegiate athletics. For the unlucky athletes who suffer from these type of setbacks, there is a way to gain back a season of participation through a medical hardship. A hardship waiver can be granted if a season-ending illness or injury occursContinue Reading

Concordia has a new secret weapon for our athletics program– Scott Savor, the new strength and conditioning coach. His job in a nutshell: improving performance of Concordia’s athletes. The strength and conditioning coach simply is responsible for training athletes in the weight room and motivating them to reach their potentialContinue Reading

A sharp clapping sound rings out as a disk collides with the floor in Olson Forum. The player holding the disc stands up and throws it to the far end of the court to the opposing team, signaling the start of the extensive dance across the floor chasing after aContinue Reading

Research and studies on head injuries in sports have placed the spotlight on hockey and football. However, new findings are showing that soccer players are at just as much risk for concussions. According to a recent study in the Journal of Athletic Training, boy’s soccer produces 22 concussions and girl’sContinue Reading

Prexy’s Pond was uncovered on Sunday for the first annual boot hockey tournament, hosted by the cobber women’s hockey team. The tournament, which pitted teams of 4-6 people against each other on foot, helped raise money for Relay for Life. According to senior hockey player Kristyn Voegele, joining the RelayContinue Reading

Everyone’s seen Cobber Nation on game day: bare chests painted, circling the field with their flags at every touchdown, or shouting cheers about lutefisk and lefse. They may seem silly or, on particularly cold days, out of their minds, but Cobber Nation is determined to go out of their wayContinue Reading