What is your reaction when a bee comes a little too close for comfort? Do you run away? Perhaps you remember the pain of being stung or fear the possibility of the experience itself. Either way, you probably do not immediately think of humans’ dependency on bees. To be clear,Continue Reading

In the distance a bird chirps and a faint howl echoes. The wind blows carelessly through the trees, and the aroma of pine needles lingers in the air. Streaks of color paint the sky as day diminishes into night. Flashlights guide us through the trails, and multiple layers are wornContinue Reading

Disconnection from our roots can lead individuals to become ecologically illiterate. We occupy, consume and ruin the soil beneath our feet. Concrete and technology have become our niche, and human society has become selfish. Our latest worries are consumed by our looks, how many likes or favorites our posts receive,Continue Reading

There are some people who believe Minnesota has only two—albeit unequally distributed—seasons: hot and humid summer and nostril-freezing winter. But here in the Red River Valley, we acknowledge two short-lived bridges to those unpleasant times: flood season and the wonderful, picturesque autumn. As we transition from the dog-days to theContinue Reading