CEC expands event calendar

Maddie Malat
Maddie Malat

This year students can look forward to more CEC events each week than in years past. While there used to be two or three events per week, this year there will be three or four.

CEC consists of three committees. The first two committees are the concerts and dances committee and special events. The third is health, wellness and diversity, which has historically hosted the least number of events — but that’s about to change.

“This year we have upped the ante,” said Garrett Horejsi, CEC president. “We’re doing a fitness event almost every week.”

This will make fitness events a lot more consistent, which is something Horejsi said students have been requesting.

“One of our big goals was to add more organized group fitness,” said Madeline Johnson, health, wellness and diversity commissioner.

Students can look forward to more Zumba, yoga, kickboxing and other fitness classes being offered throughout the year.

Maddie Malat
Maddie Malat

“We’ve heard that request often,” Horejsi said. “This year we thought we should spend our money more on that kind of stuff.”

They’ve also been strategic about when they place certain events throughout the year.

“We’re planning yoga classes around finals and more stressful times of the year,”

Johnson said. “We did that on purpose as a stress reliever.”

CEC has also had to make changes as far as the budget goes. In the past two years they have had two four-percent decreases in their budget.

Horejsi said they had to think about how they could use their budget to provide a great year of events that students would be interested in attending.

“Basically it came down to more reallocation of budget,” Horejsi said.

Rather than spending money on lots of speakers, comedians and other expensive acts, especially since they noticed attendance at those events has been low, they limited the number of those types and added in more fitness events. Since fitness instructors cost less than comedians, CEC was able to provide more events this way.

Horejsi hopes attendance at events with speakers and co-medians will go up since there will be less of them, making them more of a novelty.

CEC hasn’t cut any regular yearly events and they’ve even added a handful of other new events this year.

“We have our classics and we have a lot of new things we’re super excited about,” Johnson said.

Some new events include a murder mystery, a Halloween run, a balloon animal performer, a doughnut run, a masquerade ball, midnight brunch and more.

“We’re excited to see what students have to say,” Horejsi said.

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